Why Renewable Energy for Business?

Every working day there is increasing pressure on business to cut costs, keep price rises to a minimum to try and beat competition and at the same time become greener by reducing their carbon footprint.

Every month we seem to hear of yet another energy supplier increasing their prices for fossil-based fuel systems. Every business requires very significant amounts of energy in their business operations.

Given this scenario, what can be done to strike a balance between these factors?

There are viable solutions for every type of business by incorporating renewable energy solutions in to the business energy plan.

Your factory, warehouse, care home, office or housing stock roof space can become a valuable asset by using it to install solar photo voltaic panels to generate electricity that can be used by the business, saving drawing power from your electricity supplier and also generating income to the business from the Government’s Feed in Tariff.

The FiT scheme pays business for self-generation energy initiatives and with the potential of large areas of roof space available the revenues can be quite significant over the 20 year guaranteed contract period.

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