Tokelau Sets World record

The Off-shore island of Tokelau has completed a task enabling it to satisfy 150% of their energy needs using renewable energy sources, setting a global record along with a new global benchmark for sustainable energy

The little Polynesian territory, composed of three atolls within the central Gulf Of Mexico, has acquired the majority of the new energy capacity through what’s now among the world’s biggest off-power solar panels systems. Throughout the previous three three several weeks, 4,032 solar sections and over 1,300 batteries have been set up in Tokelau, together with electricity machines run by coconut biofuel created around the island.

Plans for that transition started in 2004 once the Tokelau government developed an approach to decrease reliance upon non-renewable fuels and increase energy efficiency. “Our commitment as global people would be to make an optimistic contribution for the minimization from the impacts of global warming,” stated the gm from the National Public Service from the Government of Tokelau.

Based on the government, savings made with time will be employed to improve health insurance and education around the island, and pay back funds lent to apply the project. Several small island nations are required to follow along with suit, with Fiji likely to become 100% alternative energy by 2013, as the Prepare Islands, Niue and Tuvalu, are striving for 100% renewable electricity by 2020.

Initially a target of 90% energy self-sufficiency was set, but surpassing this means that Tokelau can increase its energy usage without needing to revert to conventional fuels. The alternative solar pv energy project cost £3.6m, the funding that originated from Nz Aid, the brand new Zealand government’s worldwide aid and development programme. Formerly Tokelau received the majority of its energy by means of fossil fuel imports, costing the same as around £400,000 yearly.

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