The Cost of Scotlands Eco Plans

ALEX Salmond’s intends to make Scotland totally dependent on wind farms because of its energy potential will definitely  cut costs to the sum of an additional £1billion, which can be removed from household power bills.  However all of Scotland’s 2.4 million homes would pay an additional £410 annually, based on respected think tank the Alternative Energy Foundation (REF).

The organisation’s director, Dr John Constable, stated when Scottish customers will pay the entire subsidy for what the first Minister is striving for; by 2020 each household will need to stump up an additional £300 per year for onshore wind. He added: “If one adds the offshore too, which will cost Scottish homes an additional £110 per year.”

Subsidies worth £300million could be in risk when the United kingdom Government decides it doesn’t want to subsidise wind farms and solar panels Scotland is constantly looking build them. United kingdom energy minister John Hayes has stated the United kingdom could cease the manufacture of onshore turbines, even though the United kingdom Government hasn’t confirmed this. Just a week ago, First Minister Alex Salmond stated half of Scotland’s electricity will come from alternative energy, mainly onshore wind, by 2015.

Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson, a rival of wind farms, stated: “There already are about 900,000 in Scotland in fuel poverty due to rising energy prices, that are because of Alex Salmond’s policy of alternative energy or bust.

What is likely yo occur if Scotland votes for independence? Do we think the British will gladly continue subsidising this programme of wind generators in Scotland? Obviously they won’t. The price would then be on the Scottish customers.”

Mr Stevenson thinks wind farms are inefficient and don’t provide any real eco-friendly benefits. He added: “For every megawatt of installed energy from wind, you need to install one megawatt for gas, coal or nuclear back-up when ever the wind isn’t coming.

Inside a further blow towards the First Minister’s arrange for total reliance on wind farms, market research completed for that exclusive conservation charitable organisation the John Muir Trust has revealed the common wind farms could devastate the £11billion tourism industry. It as a recent report says half the British public could be put off going to scenic areas blighted by wind farms.

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The Cost of Scotlands Eco Plans
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November 9, 2012
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