Are You looking For A Green Deal Assessment?


Not Sure What The Green Deal Is, Then Read On:

The Green Deal is a government initiative to help consumers and businesses make their properties/buildings more energy efficient (to help meet carbon reduction targets committed to in the Climate Change Act 2008). The improvements/measures are to be paid for by a long-term finance agreement attached to the property’s energy bills. This loan stays with the property should the owner move. To qualify for finance and hence ‘The Green Deal’ the improvements must meet the ‘Golden Rule’.

What Exactly Is The Golden Rule

Simply put, the Golden Rule means the owner of the property never pays back more than they save on their energy bills each month. However this doesn’t guarantee savings as it is an estimate based on assumptions. Some people may only ‘break-even’. The aim of the Golden Rule is to keep the energy bills lower than or equal to what they were prior to the measures being installed.

The Golden Rule is the principle which limits the amount of finance a provider can offer customers installing energy efficiency improvements to their property under the Green Deal Plan.

How Solarking Provides It’s Customers With Green Deal Funding:

  • 1) Consumer requests in-home advice
  • 2) SolarKing Green Deal Assessor visits the property and recommends appropriate measures
  • 3) Consumer agrees to proceed and signs up to Green Deal Provider
  • 4) SolarKing arranges for installations by our own accredited Green Deal Installer
  • 5) Work is completed and the SolarKing provides consumers with all their guarantees
  • 6) Your Utility Company will continue to collect your monthly energy payments (which will stay the same or reduce) and these will now include repayment of the energy efficient installation (boiler, wall insulation, etc)

For further info regarding the green deal or to arrange a Green Deal Assessment contact us: 0844 844 9911

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