Mr Francis 21st September

Review Of Solarking UK services
I am writing a letter of recommendation for the solar PV system we bought from you this year. From the outset Solarking have proved a very reliable and efficient company. The initial consultation with your salesperson was not pressured and indeed the figures quoted for purchase would have been valid for several months. We are however, very pleased that we did not delay as our system was installed in March which has enabled us to reap the rewards throughout the summer months where the systems receive the most light. We purchased a 1.8kWh system and over the last 24 weeks we have produced over 11000kWh and from this earned nearly £500, not to mention our electricity bill reducing by 60% over the previous year for the same period. The installation went smoothly; the scaffold erectors arrived and erected the scaffolding in one day followed by Solarking electricians and panel fitters the next to fully install the system. The system was easily installed and complete within the day and looks superb, although the inverter was larger than expected the team took great care with the installation and the external cabling, routed via plastic conduit runs around the barge boards and is most unnoticeable.

Solarking UK

Date published: 21/09/2011

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