SolarKing Connect


Monitor your energy performance like never before:-

  • Solar systems are very reliable due to having no moving parts but this doesn’t mean that problems cannot occur
  • Standard systems make it pretty much impossible to detect if problems do occur
  • This can result in loss of power, generation and ultimately income. These under performances are often accepted as weather or shading issues when in reality it could be something as simple as bird droppings or a small build up of debris.

SolarKing UK are conscious of these potential problems and have developed one of the most sophisticated performance monitors to help combat unnecessary loss of generation and revenue.

In any event that would result in loss of generation a message will be received by our monitoring station. As soon as a system message is received our team of pv specialists will start to try and identify the cause of the problem so that it may be rectified quickly and efficiently. You will also be alerted so that you know what’s happening every step of the way.

As a Connect customer you will be handed the keys to your very own control panel where you will find system reports informing you of how much you have generated over the days, weeks and months as well as being able to see that as a monetary value. We want to ensure that you are in control of your system whenever and wherever you like.


SolarKing Connect

Customers can monitor and be alerted to:-

  • Number of KWh generated
  • AC and DC current
  • Under performance
  • Total loss of power
  • Full meter reading history
  • Customised performance reporting
  • Access your systems status & performance from anywhere in the world.

The SolarKing Connect system is available at a cost of £1500. Customers will achieve total peace of mind and will be enabled to maximize their returns.


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