Solar Panels Edinburgh

Solar Panels Edinburgh

A domestic solar panel system will provide you with free electricity and the potential to earn up to £1000 for the next 20 years

When it comes to solar panels in Scotland here at Solarking UK we are your solar power specialists bringing you the best in energy saving and cost cutting solutions. With energy bills continuing to increase you could generate your own electricity and get paid 14.3p per unit for all of the electricity you generate. You could also recieve 4.5p per unit for all the electricty that you export back to the grid. As such your system could be earning you money even when you are not there to use the energy you generate.

What Can you Generate

Kilowatts Approx Income (£) FIT Rate Return on Investment
1.5 350 13.39p per unit
up to 12%
2 500 13.39p per unit
up to 13%
3 750 13.39p per unit

up to 15%
4 1000 13.39p per unit
up to 16%

Solar PV Benefits

  • Reduce bills by up to 50% annually
  • Sell your electricity back to the grid
  • Earn Up To £1000 tax free per year
  • Very impressive ROI rates

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We Operate Within Your Area

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All Your Solar Earnings Are Tax Free

With solar panels you will generate electricity every single day no matter the wether conditions as such if you are looking for more information regarding systems within the Edinburgh area contact SolarKingUK today:

If you are looking for more advice and assistance then turn to the market leader today to recieve all the information you’ll need to decide if an energy efficienct future with solar power energy is for you.

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Solar Panels Scotland

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