FAQ’s – Service, Maintenance and Cleaning

Based on our experience we have compiled a comprehensive list of the questions that we often get asked.

Service, Maintenance and Cleaning

Hang on, Solarkinguk gave me a ten year guarantee. Why do I need this?

Good point. We’re very proud of our guarantees here at Solarkinguk, and we believe they’re the best in the market. However, guarantees only come into effect if there is a failure of the system due to parts not lasting their anticipated lifetime, or a fault in the installation process. You could compare your System to your car, which would probably have come with a guarantee as well. However, that doesn’t stop you taking out a breakdown cover, having it serviced and MOT’d, or even cleaning it. If you do all these things you will get better performance from your car, and it’s exactly the same with your Solar System.

I was told the panels were self-cleaning. Why is this an option?

The glass in the panels is a self-cleaning glass, meaning day-to-day dust and grime should be cleared each time it rains. However, this does not allow for items such as wet leaves, bird droppings or other random debris that may become attached to the glass and deteriorate the panel performance.

My system is already producing what you said it would – why should it produce more?

It may be that your System is performing at the optimal level, but over time some minor adjustments can negate some of the natural output deterioration. Both technology and our experience are becoming more advanced all the time, and a few tweaks can make a big difference to what you can generate. A lot of our customers are generating far more than we predicted, and we’d like you to be one of them.

I’d be covered under my home insurance for any vandalism of the system, wouldn’t I?

 More thank likely, but do you really want to pay the excess and have your premiums go up for the next few years? And then after you’d made your claim you’d still then have the hassle of having them replaced. With our policy, it would all take just one phone call.

To find out how can I check what is included or excluded in my home emergency cover?

See the Policy Document for full details.

How To Make A Claim

Easy – just call our helpline on 0800 000 0000

What happens to my home emergency cover if I move home?

No problem – you can transfer the balance of the cover to the new owners. A helpful extra when selling you home. To find out more.

What Is The Contract Length

Initially 12 months, renewable every year. For more information.

How Do I Renew My Home Energy Cover?

We will write to you every year. For more information.

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