SolarKing LED Commercial and Domestic LED Lighting

You’ve heard of solar panels and switching to using solar energy well now Solar King is offering LED lighting solutions. Our LED lighting division design, supply and install a range of home and commercial LED lighting solutions. LED lights offer long service life and high energy efficiency so if you’re looking to make a small switch to energy output, make this one and switch to using LED lighting systems from Solar King UK. The obvious benefits to switch to LED lighting are the longevity, reduction in power consumption and they are much more efficient. Here at Solar King UK we offer two types of LED lighting systems; home LED lighting systems and Commercial LED lighting systems.

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Our home LED lighting system is designed to replace your traditional high-energy halogen or fluorescent lights. We have a range that incorporates LED tubes, LED replacement lamps and LED flood lighting so we’ve got your home’s lighting needs covered and making the switch will save you money in the long run. Our commercial LED lighting range is suitable for a whole range of industrial applications. We have a team of fully qualified designers ready to design a system suitable for your needs and our installation team will ensure it’s placed to maximise the efficiency.

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