Solar King Back High Court Bid to Save Future of Solar Energy

Nationwide solar PV company, Solarking, is actively backing news that the High Court has agreed to hear applications from two of the UK’s biggest solar panel installers – who claim that the plans to cut the current Feed in Tariff “FiT” subsidies in half is illegal. The Friends of the Earth charity will also be present to depict their views that the current cuts are not only detrimental to solar businesses but also to our future.

Solarking solar PV and thermal are two technologies rapidly changing the way the world turns and helping reduce our carbon footprint. The environmental benefits that are offered by solar energy and its ability to generate power on a mass scale led to the Labour government creating an incentive scheme to get home owners signing up – this turned out to work a little too well.

In 2010 the Feed-in-Tariff scheme was set up which saw home and business owners earn money for every unit of energy their system produced, however since this the Tories have condemned the subsidies as too high, and far ‘too generous.’

This led to the cuts – a lot earlier than planned – which were rushed through the system to stop those installing panels from the 12th December earning the higher price option. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a solar electricity system should make you almost £1,200 a year better off.

Under the new tariff guidelines, the export tariff – which is any excess electricity you sell back to the national grid – will not change.

Andy Atkins, Executive Director of the Friends of the Earth charity, said:

“We strongly believe Government plans to abruptly slash solar subsidies are illegal, we hope the High Court agrees to allow our case to be heard as soon as possible,” he said. “It’s short sighted for Ministers to move the goalposts and prematurely pull the subsidy – this will cost tens of thousands of jobs, bankrupt businesses and reduce Treasury income by up to £230m a year.”

The only businesses set to lose out are those offering free solar panels as they rely on your FiT contributions to make money. Solar King UK is on hand to offer any advice during the switch of the tariffs next week, we can help you assess how much you may earn from installation and provide you with a solar solution bespoke for your household.

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