Government PV – UPDATES on the UK government FiT Scheme

The following articles explain any new updates to the UK government Feed in Tariff Scheme

The Incoming Feed In Tariff costs per KWH as of the 1st of April 2015:

13.39p/kWh or 6.16p/kWh if EPC Band D is not reached.
4.85p/kWh Export Tariff.

Did you know you can be paid by the government just by investing in solar pv? That’s right our government are making an impact on reducing our carbon footprint and releasing emissions that they are now paying those that switch to a renewable energy source like PV power. It really is that simple so if you want a return on investment and make some savings on your current energy bills than look to switching to green electricity energy to power your home. The government grant for panel installation is available to everyone that invests so here are some reasons why you should be thinking about making the switch.

  • The government’s Feed in Tariff scheme is designed to pay you for every unit of electricity your system generates and what’s more for every un-used unit that is exported back to the national grid you will receive a payment for also.
  • The FiT scheme is available on all PV installations with varying rates according to the size of the system and the type of property it is installed at.
  • We offer a 20 year guarantee on our government approved solar panel installations which is the first in this industry. We believe in our products and we want to ensure you get the best possible return so we will work closely with you to design a system that fits your needs.
  • Here at SolarKing UK we can use our energy solutions to provide a range of options to social housing providers so they can meet their carbon targets.
  • By investing in electricity from a pv installation you could actually be adding value to your property not to mention the savings you can make on your current energy bills.

Many of our customers have been quick to report on the fantastic savings on their energy bills as well as the surprising return on investment. We want you to benefit from having our high efficient mono or polycrystalline PV installed so by working closely with our designers and engineers we can tailor make a design that would suitable for your needs and offer you the best return. If you want a guaranteed return from investing then there’s only one solution, solar energy so if you’re ready to make the switch then call Solar King UK to start you on the path to saving and making money.


DISCLAIMER: You can see detailed information about the FIT scheme on the Energy Saving Trust website.

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