Dash for Gas: Another Reason for Solarking Solar Panels

Fuel poverty is dominating our headlines as of late, rising gas prices and profiteering by the UK’s biggest energy suppliers has left most of the UK attempting to cut back – at their own risk.

Although traditional fuels are cheaper than renewables, the cost of renewable energy is steadily coming down – which is why it is vital that as a nation we begin to look further into the advantageous effects Solar King solar panels can have in our homes and on our buildings.

This over-reliance on gas has caused a surge in the price of bills, with Ofgem, the industry regulator, estimating that the average household bill could rise by £500 annually by 2030. Furthermore, Cambridge academics have claimed that Britain’s energy costs could soon become the highest in Europe.

Paul Sloman, a partner at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, warned: ‘The UK cannot afford to be reliant mainly on gas-fired generation as energy security is also a very pertinent issue and increasing reliance on gas is not the solution, particularly as the UK’s own gas production from the North Sea declines.’

It seems that the world is crying out for unlimited and cheaper sources of energy to power out future, and we think we might just know one.

Solar Panels and ‘Free’ Energy

Solar panels are often mistaken and discarded as many think they are unaffordable and not easily obtainable; quite the opposite. At Solar King UK we are dedicated in bringing you accurate knowledge about the installation of our solar panels.

It may not be the cheapest investment up front, with a sometimes costly initial payment, but the long-term benefits and the chance to earn back your money often goes unreported.

Last year the government introduced the Feed-in-Tariff scheme which supplies payments to households and businesses that generate their own electricity – to encourage the installation. It is worth remembering that after you have your Solarking solar panels installed, all the energy you produce for your home then on is free. What’s more is that you earn money for producing this energy, and for selling unused energy back to the national grid.

For more information about Solarking solar PV panels, or for any advice about the installation of solar panels in your home or business, simply contact Solarking now.

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