Record breaking Year for the Steve Prescott Foundation

Record breaking Year for the Steve Prescott Foundation £240,000 donated.

Even though Steve Prescott is no longer with us, Steve has continued to inspire. Under the guidance of his wife Linzi the Steve Prescott Foundation has continued to grow and we are delighted to announce that 2015 has seen the SPF surpass its previous record donation of £180,000 to its nominated charities. Not only has the SPF beaten that target, it has smashed it.

Representatives of the SPF chosen charities Steve Ball of the RFL Benevolent Fund, Mark Saunders from The Christie & Anil Vaidya Steveís transplant surgeon were each presented with a donation of £80,000…

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SolarKing LED Commercial and Domestic LED Lighting

You’ve heard of solar panels and switching to using solar energy well now Solar King is offering LED lighting solutions. Our LED lighting division design, supply and install a range of home and commercial LED lighting solutions. LED lights offer long service life and high energy efficiency so if you’re looking to make a small switch to energy output, make this one and switch to using LED lighting systems from Solar King UK. The obvious benefits to switch to LED lighting are the longevity, reduction in power consumption and they are much more efficient. Here at Solar King UK…

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Government PV – UPDATES on the UK government FiT Scheme

The following articles explain any new updates to the UK government Feed in Tariff Scheme

The Incoming Feed In Tariff costs per KWH as of the 1st of April 2015:

13.39p/kWh or 6.16p/kWh if EPC Band D is not reached.
4.85p/kWh Export Tariff.

Did you know you can be paid by the government just by investing in solar pv? That’s right our government are making an impact on reducing our carbon footprint and releasing emissions that they are now paying those that switch to a renewable energy source like PV power. It really is that simple so…

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Switch Energy Sources And Start Saving

Solar Energy

Everywhere we look these days we’re surrounded by global warming warnings and soaring energy costs, yet why is it that we’re very happy to complain about these issues yet so reluctant to take action to solve them? It’s not because there aren’t solutions because there most definitely are and it’s in the form of alternative energy.

Switching our traditional fuel consumption to an alternative energy source can help prevent both of the above crises. From wind power, hydro power to the most popular of PV energy you can generate your very own electricity meaning you no longer need…

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Dreading the FiT? Earn money from SolarKing solar thermal with the RHI

Feed in Tariff Money
Since April last year, those installing solar PV have gained from the Feed in Tariff (FiT). Last month however, the government finally introduced the world’s first Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which sees installers of Solarking solar thermal technology given the chance to earn money for their eco efforts.

It’s been a long time coming, but it couldn’t have arrived at a better time. With cuts to the FiT set to go ahead in four days, many fear the demise of the solar industry,…

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Begin the Recovery Process with Solar

Solar Power Image

We’ve been carelessly using fossil fuels for thousands of years now and it’s only now that we’re seeing the effects. As one of the most abundant fuel sources coal has been utilised since around 1000 BC in countries such as China, working its way into the transport scene and eventually being replaced by the wonders of oil as an energy source.

Although these power sources have allowed us to progress as a planet unbeknown at the time, the consumption of these fuels was and still is having devastating effects on our ozone…

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Solar King Back High Court Bid to Save Future of Solar Energy

Nationwide solar PV company, Solarking, is actively backing news that the High Court has agreed to hear applications from two of the UK’s biggest solar panel installers – who claim that the plans to cut the current Feed in Tariff “FiT” subsidies in half is illegal. The Friends of the Earth charity will also be present to depict their views that the current cuts are not only detrimental to solar businesses but also to our future.

Solarking solar PV and thermal are two technologies rapidly changing the way the world turns and helping reduce our carbon footprint. The…

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Energy Surplus Thanks to Solar Power

One of the most productive ways in which we can make a positive change towards our depleting environment is by switching our reliance on fossil fuels to a source which is altogether more environmentally friendly. Our consumption of coal, gas and oil is having devastating effects on our planet causing the likes of global warming and acid rain but more importantly it’s a source which isn’t renewable and one that is rapidly running out.

This is where solar power steps in. As a natural energy source which is completely renewable if we were utilising this energy source to its full potential we’d be in a much better position. Not only…

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Alert!!! Deadline Day, but Solar PV Can Still Earn You Cash

As December 12 draws nearer it may seem like your wish to install solar panels is slowly slipping away. Without the generous subsidies the chance to earn back your money remains stagnant and instead you face a bleak future of rising energy bills, right? Wrong.

Solarking solar panels are misunderstood for not being the cheapest option for the ecologically minded –but the attractive offering that more than seals the deal for our happy solar panel customers is the 25-year contractual scheme which more than earns and exceeds the original one off investment you make.

The Feed in Tariff “FiT”

Last year FiT guidelines were produced that…

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Dash for Gas: Another Reason for Solarking Solar Panels

Fuel poverty is dominating our headlines as of late, rising gas prices and profiteering by the UK’s biggest energy suppliers has left most of the UK attempting to cut back – at their own risk.

Although traditional fuels are cheaper than renewables, the cost of renewable energy is steadily coming down – which is why it is vital that as a nation we begin to look further into the advantageous effects Solar King solar panels can have in our homes and on our buildings.

This over-reliance on gas has caused a surge in the price of bills, with Ofgem, the industry regulator, estimating that the average household bill could rise by…

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