Solar Panels Hampshire

If you reside in Hampshire and are looking to install solar panels for your home then Solar King UK is your specialist supplier in renewable energy. Make your home or business completely self-sufficient by investing in solar panels Hampshire today.

If you are a home owner or even if you occupy a small flat, solar panels could be all you need to lower the costs to your household. Equally, universities, office blocks, homes, farms and even cathedrals are hot on the tail of Solar Power, why? Because it is a great and simple way to generate your own electricity and earn money at the same time.

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Investing in a solar power system for your home also means you will be getting paid for producing electricity, in a government scheme as mentioned below.

How does it Work?

The solar PV panels are solely used to convert daylight into electricity. The panels are comprised of several individual solar cells that are similar in function to large semi-conductors and utilise this daylight to release electrons in a directional current (DC). This is then fed into your house and an inverter actively turns this into viable alternating (AC) current for use within your home.

Why Choose Solar Panels in Hampshire?

Everyday enough solar energy is produced to provide electricity to facilitate 5.9 billion people for 27 years, and with up to eighty per cent of the homes in the UK housing the potential to generate solar power we question why more people aren’t adapting Solar PV in their homes.

Investing in Solar energy Hampshire also makes you eligible for a government scheme titled ‘Feed in Tariff’ (FiT) This 20 year contract ensures that for every unit of electricity your system generates you’re provided with a tax free return payment of up to 16p from your energy supplier. Plus you will also receive an additional 4.5p offered for every unused unit which is exported back to the National Grid.

The FiT scheme together with the savings you make on your current bills can generate a return on investment (ROI) of between 10 -15%, you will be looking at earning back a potential £1000 every year per household on the scheme alone, and for commercial organisations your return will be even higher.

A solar panel can last up to 30 years and is designed to withstand harsh climates meaning you can more than get your money’s worth.

Why Solar King UK Hampshire?
Solar King UK is a national company, but our solar panel installers Hampshire are the best in the business – dedicated to delivering you a friendly and reliable service. If you are interested in Solar PV Hampshire then make sure you contact one of our representatives today.

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