Solar panels Cheshire

Cheshire solar power represents a cleaner, greener alternative to damaging and wasteful fossil fuels, it gives us a chance to protect and invest in our future. If you are a business or home owner residing in the Cheshire area then have you ever thought about making your premises completely self-sufficient?

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  • Reduce your electricity billsü
  • Be environmentally friendlyü

As the UK dissolves into what the newspapers are labelling ‘fuel poverty’ we are constantly searching for ways to maintain our energy consumption without a hike in bills. Solar panels Cheshire are enabling more and more homeowners and businesses to power their office blocks or farmlands with nature’s own endowment.

But the successful investments don’t just stop there, not only are you creating a more sustainable future but you are also able to create money from every unit of energy you product.

The Feed in Tariff Scheme

Solar PV Cheshire is continuing to decline in price, considering the constant increase in our energy bills it doesn’t take a whiz kid to work out that you may be better off generating your own power. Last year the government introduced a scheme that would see those investing and protecting the environment earn cashback for their efforts.

As you are creating your own energy and exporting unused units back into the National Grid – this makes you eligible for a government scheme titled ‘Feed in Tariff‘ (FiT) which sees you make money for every unit you produce. On this basis, we would expect a system to pay for itself about 5-6 times over 25 years of use and with the best deals from Solar King UK you can be sure that over the course of the contractual scheme you will be benefiting from a long lasting investment.

A solar panel can last up to 30 years and is designed to withstand harsh climates.

How does Solar PV Work?

Solar modules, or solar photovoltaic panels, are the accumulation of many solar cells that attract direct or indirect sunlight, the cells convert daylight into electrons using what is known as the photovoltaic effect. As this is fed into any building an inverter is then used to convert the electrons into an electric current compatible with your home/organisation.

This also ensures us that no matter what the weather, the panels are still conserving light from the sun’s radiation – reassuring news for the rainy English county.

Why Solar King UK Cheshire?

Solar King UK is a national company, but our solar panel installers Cheshire are the best in the business – dedicated to delivering you a friendly and reliable service. If you are interested in Solar PV Cheshire then make sure you contact one of our representatives today.

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