Solar PV Panels and Installation in the North East

If you’re looking for solar panels or solar panel installation in the North East for your home or business then Solarking UK is your specialist supplier in renewable energy.

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Everyday enough solar energy is produced to provide electricity to facilitate 5.9 billion people for 27 years so it’s no wonder the North East are turning to solar panels as their number one energy source. Plus with many gas and electricity companies stating huge cost increases solar energy is even more attractive.

One of the options we provide to the North East is Solarvoltaic Panels. But what is a Solar Photovoltaic Panel?

One of the many advantages of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels is that they don’t solely rely on sunshine which is great news for the North East. Instead they convert daylight into electricity which is then fed into your household replacing your usual electricity supply. With no moving parts, operating without any unnecessary sound or gas pollution solar PV panels are one of the most eco friendly and reliable sources of energy.


Why choose Solar PV Panels in the North East?

Installing solar PV panel (cell) technology for your North East property will substantially cut your electricity bills and mean you become part of the Government scheme, Feed in Tariff (FiT). This 20 year contract ensures that for every unit of electricity your system generates you’re provided with a tax free return payment from your energy supplier. Plus you will also receive an additional sum offered for every unused unit which is exported back to the National Grid. So if you’re looking to install solar PV panels in the North East you’ll be looking at earning back a potential £1000+ every year per household and for commercial organisations your return will be even higher.

So for solar panels and solar PV panels in the North East look no further than leading renewable energy providers, Solarking UK and call now on 0844 844 9911  to find out more.

Recent Domestic Solar Power Feed In Tariff Changes

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Reasons to go solar in the North East are because:

  • you’ll be helping the environmentü
  • you’ll be saving cash on electricity in the long termü
  • you’ll be joining a group of forward-thinking people on the cutting edge of solar technologyü


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