Hang on, Solarkinguk gave me a ten year guarantee. Why do I need this?

Good point. We’re very proud of our guarantees here at Solarkinguk, and we believe they’re the best in the market. You could compare your Solar System to your car (after all, they can be similar in terms of cost), which would probably have come with a guarantee as well. However, that doesn’t stop you having it serviced and MOT’d, or even cleaning it. If you do all these things you will get better performance from your car, and it’s exactly the same with your Solar System.

I was told the panels were self-cleaning. Why is cleaning an option?

The glass in each of the panels is a self-cleaning glass, meaning day-to-day dust and grime should be cleared each time it rains. However, this does not allow for items such as wet leaves, tree sap, moss, algae or bird droppings. In agricultural areas pesticides and fertilizers can leave a residue on the panels, as can commercial airborne waste in industrial areas. By the coast sea salt can be an issue not just to the cleanliness of the glass but, over time, it can erode metal which can in turn lead to water ingress into the panels’ electrics.

This type of build up can affect the panel output significantly – up to 30% in some cases – and solar panel manufacturers will not make payment under their 25 year output guarantee if the panels have not been cleaned regularly.

My system is already producing what you said it would – why should it produce more?

It may be that your System is performing at the optimal level, but over time minor adjustments can negate some of the natural output deterioration. Both technology and our experience are becoming more advanced all the time, and a few tweaks can make a big difference to what you can generate. A lot of our customers are generating far more than we predicted, and we’d like you to be one of them.

Put together with the cleaning, the service can pay for itself in improved revenue and savings.

What’s included or excluded in each of the Solarking Solarcare options?

Safety Check – a check of all connections, the Isolator, ac mains distribution and overall system safety.
System Optimization Check – technical inspection of all inverter tolerances, pv voltage amperage, ac voltage; ensure all strings and panels are working and maximized.
Cleaning – cleaning of panels with specialist Pure Water System (see below) system to remove debris and dirt. The engineer(s) will normally operate at ground level using a reach and wash pole and will not be required to stand on the roof.

Thermal Systems – Full System Safety and Levels Check (including Frost and Corrosion checks), followed by Service: Switch pump to Auto and check transfer; Drain current thermal fluid and remove old fluid; Replace with water, circulate for 30 minutes; Re-pressurize, hold for 20 minutes; Re-check all elements of system; Drain system and remove water; Refill with thermal fluid, re-pressurize and run for 30 minutes; Switch to Auto, re-check all components; Re-set controller parameters.

What’s a Pure Water System?

It’s like magic! First, normal tap water goes through the following filters: Carbon Filter – removes chlorine particles; Sediment Filter – removes sediment solids; Reverse Osmosis Filter – removes hard water particles and concentrates the soft water; DI Filter – Polishes the soft water to zero part per million so that the resulting solution has more positive charges than negative charges.

This is now an unstable solution – Pure Water solution will naturally breakdown stubborn dirt from the solar panel and be rinsed away. It actually attracts dirt and literally pulls it off the panel – this is why we don’t need to use any detergents

The remaining Pure Water will have at this stage turned back to H2O and when it naturally evaporates it leaves no streaks or marks. Because we are not using any chemicals the solar panel surface will stay cleaner for longer.

What’s the Priority Call Out?

We want to give our customers who have taken advantage of this offer a priority call out if there is any other issue with the System. Simply call us on 0800 678 3757 and we promise to attend to you as soon as possible.

What happens to my cover if I move home?

Again, like selling a car, the Solar System is a more attractive proposition for a potential buyer if it has a Service History. The buyer will also have the confidence that the System will continue to be supported.

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