Solar Power for Farms and Agricultural Buildings

Why farmers should invest in solar PV

For farmers and landowners the renewable energy Feed in Tariff represents an attractive investment opportunity. Solar PV requires little or no maintenance and is the simplest and often the most cost effective renewable energy available for farm sites. A farm is likely to have large buildings with unshaded south-facing roof space. This availability of considerable the physical space would allow a variety of options and locations, ensuring the greatest level of financial return.

The source of the income you make from a PV system is from Feed in Tariff payments which are guaranteed for twenty five years and RPI-linked. However, generating your own electricity also dramatically reduces your energy bills and protects you from any future rises in the cost of buying electricity from the grid. Planning issues are relatively straightforward with a PV system, there are no emissions and no noise; in addition it helps you reduce your carbon footprint.

The practical minimum project for a farm would be in the order of 10kW in generation capacity. This would require around 50 panels covering 85 sq. metres of roof space, well within the capacity of most barns and agricultural buildings.

Solarking UK Energy Solution’s service is designed to make the installation of solar PV on your barn roof as simple and efficient as possible. We have experienced designers and engineers who are able to specify the most effective system for your barn or buildings. We will secure any planning permission required, plan and manage the installation and all electrical connections; our after-sale services will maintain the system.

As a farmer or landowner, you will be accustomed to strategic planning on long-term investments and utilising diversification to maximise income from your assets. Depending on the location and the extent to which the energy can be used on site, projects can typically achieve annual returns of 10% to 12%; returns are at the best when there is a large on-site use of energy.

Farmers can use their annual investment allowance for their renewable energy installation which, until April 2012, has a £100,000 upper limit; as fixed equipment, the installation will only be eligible for a 10% annual writing down allowance. However, the use of these capital allowances cannot be used for any element of the installation that relates to a farmer’s private dwelling

The Solarking UK Energy Solutions total service ensures that you will get the best possible solution and returns under the Feed-In Tariffs scheme. Solarking UK Energy Solutions are also able to install other tariff-eligible systems (solar thermal, wind turbines, heat pumps and biomass).

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