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I’m sure you’re thinking it’s probably the pressure of the ‘be green’ campaigns that we so often hear about or maybe you are looking to make a wise investment choice. There’s no denying solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy and so by switching to this energy source you primarily will be helping out the environment as well as also making a financially sound investment for the future. These are just a couple of the benefits as there are so many other reasons why investing in solar panels for your home is proving ever more popular.

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solar power By investing in our domestic solar panels you can generate great financial returns and savings on your utility bills due to the government backed Feed in Tariff scheme. The scheme is designed to pay you for every unit of electricity your system generates. Any unused electricity is exported back to the grid which you are also entitled to receive an additional payment on. These income payments are UK government guaranteed, tax free and index linked for 20 years. What’s more residential solar panels can actually enhance your property so by being green, saving money and making a return on your investment – is there any excuses not to invest?

Why Solar Power Is The Ideal Choice

If you’re worried about the disruption you think you’re going to get from solar power panels then there’s no need. Our first class designers have worked closely with our engineers to design a system that has no moving parts, releases no emissions and makes no sound. The benefits of domestic solar panels include saving you money on your current electricity bills, getting paid for the electricity you generate, making money from the unused electricity you export back to the grid and you can cut your carbon footprint. There’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy so what are you waiting for?

  • Save moneyü
  • Be environmentalü
  • Use renewable energy to power your homeü

Recent Domestic Solar Power Feed In Tariff Changes

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