Company Information

Our Quality Policy:

Solarking Contractors is committed to the successful “Supply, design, installation, set to work,commissioning and handover of various microgeneration technologies (Solar Thermal, Heat Pumps, Solar Photovoltaic) to commercial and domestic customers”.

Solarking strives to provide the best quality workmanship and outstanding customer service in the most cost effective manner. Our goal at Solarking is to continue to expand our customer base and services, and through this we will achieve professional growth.

We will empower our staff with the education, skills and support they need to realise their fullest potential and perform at the highest possible level. This will enable us to meet and exceed every customer expectation, delivering sustainable energy solutions of supreme reliability and performance.

Solarking has developed and implemented a Business Management System that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard to control and monitor the quality of the services and products we supply. In implementing and continually improving this quality management system we aim to exceed both customer and regulatory requirements.

Our business objectives will be reviewed and set annually at the Business Planning Meeting by the Managing Director, who is committed to this policy and to the continual improvement of our Business Management System. We will ensure that all personnel contribute to the Business Management System and are aware of the Quality Policy and results of our Business Planning Meetings…

Should there be any changes to the ISO 9001 standard or a significant change to our organisation, we will update the management system accordingly and will ensure details communicated throughout the company.

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