Commercial Solar Panels and Solutions

Commercial solar panels are a wise investment choice for any business to make as not only for being associated with changing their carbon footprint but also the return of investment solar energy can deliver.  If politicians commit to limiting climate change than solar power could provide a third of the world’s energy by 2060 so there’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy. The development in technology has enabled solar power to be streamed to the masses so although at first it seems quite a new concept it’s a renewable energy source that has been developed since the 1970’s.

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Why invest in commercial solar panel systems?

  • You are protecting your business against rising energy costs as solar energy doesn’t really fluctuate in price. Whatever your business size from a small family run business to a large corporation either way you will save money.
  • Linking to the government Feed in Tariff scheme and you can be creating revenue for your business. You will be rewarded for every unit of electricity your system generates and for every unit you don’t use that gets exported back to the grid you’ll be paid for as well.
  • Our designers have created the solar PV panels to work in direct light not just sun light so there’s no need to worry about not having enough electricity as they will work even on a cloudy day.
  • Investing in office solar panels is a great way to show that your business is thinking about the environment as solar energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy around.

Here at Solar King UK we are committed to providing you with the best products and support so by working closely with you we can establish what would be best for your business. We want you to not only enjoy using solar energy but to also maximise on a return. We can work with Energy or Sustainability managers to offer guidance and support and we will be there well after installation to monitor your new systems progress.

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