Looking Into New Central Heating boilers?

Look no further as solarking UK’s boiler department are now running a large scale central heating boilers regeneration programme which is spanning the whole of the uk to ensure customers receive funding or the best combi boiler prices. We are providing combi boiler prices unlike many of the leading energy providers as we look to first perform a free audit of your property and financial position. This is to see if before you pay a penny we can supply you with funds to either pay for your installation or to part aid your central heating boiler installation.

Only Grade A Central Heating Boilers

All new boiler installations should be fitted with either SEDBUK A or B rated appliances. Our boiler department will ensure you only ever receive A grade boilers.These Central heating boilers are generally known as High Efficiency (HE) or condensing boilers.

Why Choose Combi Central Heating Boilers

The most popular boilers on the market today are combination boilers (often referred to as a ‘combi’ boiler). The combi boiler prices account for more than half of all central heating boilers sold within the UK. This is mainly due to its convenience, as most central heating systems will heat a copper cylinder located in an airing cupboard using a boiler to provide hot water, but a combination boiler will heat the water needed around the house for taps and such from within its unit, and is combined with a central heating system. A combi system will not require a cold water tank or separate water cylinder to supply it, which means that the costs of hot water will be a little lower than with a boiler that holds water in a cylinder. At solarking UK we only supply the leading A grade systems however this doesn’t effect the combi boiler prices as we consistently match and better competitors prices.

Leading Combi Boiler Prices

We only ever use gas safe engineers to fit our central heating boilers so no matter how low our A grade combi boiler prices are you will receive the finest technical installation.central heating boilers



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