Will The UK And Ireland Energy Deal Happen

The recent story on the future of joint Irish and UK energy sharing was a report that reiterated the governments attempts to meet their 2020 obligations. While recently the EU is looking to fine the UK for repeatedly missing it’s transport emission targets and a such the last thing the nation now wants to do is fail to meets it’s future carbon and renewable energy targets. This is why the government has recently stated it’s intention to put more money into the renewable energy sector which is what wind, biomass and UK solar panel companies were crying out for.

When Is The Irish Power sharing Deal Likely To Happen

While originally the plan was talked about a long term the current feeling among the UK government although not being able to confirm a date is they would like this to happen sooner rather than later. However contrary to this the Irish energy minister reiterated the point that they would be unlikely to have the Irish and UK energy deal in place in time to meet their 2020 goals. However given the UK’s impending obligations they have worked on a three month deadline agreement so that they can reach a plan to work on a way that the scheme could potentially be brought forward to meet both parties needs and wants.

How Will The Joint Irish And UK Energy plan Work

As expressed in another article we released the plan is to use renewable energy in the form of solar panels and wind energy but primarily in the form of wind. The plan is to export the energy via a a specialist export bridge between the two countries, however due to the complexity of the installation the timescales are long which is not what the UK can afford presently.

How Much Will The Plan Benefit The UK Economy

while both parties haven’t been forthcoming with that actual figures on how much each party is expected to be paid or save respectively the cost involved in initializing the project are to run into the billions. Thus the question is being asked by all energy observers and also committee members if the project will actually provide the benefit in the short term that the UK is looking for. The key message here is that the UK is urgently seeking to meet it’s obligations and is prepared to outline this by getting involved in such an ambitious long term plan.

Is The Deal Down To Renewable Power Under investment

This is is an argument that many within the industry have pointed to that the UK is having to resort to cross border renewable exports to meet it obligation as they have not taken care of their own wind, biomass and uk solar pv power projects and so are having to rely on other well established renewable nations. Of course the argument has been brought forward many times that the UK would be best served investing in their capital in further solar PV and wind energy projects however the counter argument is that the scale of the Irish renewable infrastructure is vast and it would take far longer for the UK to reach the capacity to meet this. Ultimately the coming months and years will provide an interesting insight of the ability of both countries to meet a predetermined renewable project target.

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Will The UK And Ireland Energy Deal Happen
Is the UK and Ireland energy sharing deal to be completed

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Will the go ahead happen for the energy sharing deal

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April 4, 2014
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