Will The Backing For Community Energy Funded Solar Be Sustained

With the news we revealed yesterday that the Community Energy Scheme was to be put in place for the generation of large scale renewable energy at a local level amongst boroughs and communities the news has been welcomed by by leading organizations from industry leader such as REA and more.

Could The DECC Funding Push Solar Panel Supplied Homes Over 1 Million?

While the £10M initially on offer won’t have the facility on it’s own to do this what it is hoped is that it will give the impetus to firstly communities to seek the funding. Also secondly the more installations that occur from this initiative could also promote the energy source further and garner a greater uptake rate. With many Solar companies wary of the emergence and excitement of shale gas plus the recent decisions made in the EU it is hoped that while a small initiative this could pave the way for such like future projects.

REA Express Delight At The Steps From The Government To Invest In Green Funding

Given a recent study expressing participation in local projects like solar pv schemes would increase if funding was available the DECC has acknowledged the governments decision to act as an encouraging sign of the future. Further to this they believe this has come at the perfect time given the big six energy providers increasing fuel prices to an already infuriated market and they believe the government has seized the perfect opportunity with momentum amongst UK residents to switch to solar panels, wind energy, bio mass and more.


Community FIT Thresholds Could Be Doubled From 5MW To 10MW

In a further enticement to UK councils and residents it is also being debated of a possible increase to the FIT structure to get more enticed by the prospect of a renewable energy source. With a final decision on this expected later in the year the climate change MP Ed Davey has expressed this as a key area the government will look to focus on in the coming years. As has been discussed in previous articles the minister has exciting if not somewhat controversial plans that he his proposing for the UK’s energy landscape in the future with such proposal being a small part of his intended goals.

Will This Be Managed Better Than The Green deal?

This is on of the key concerns highlighted by spectators within the various energy industries, although initially this should not be a key concern given the vast budget scheme differences (The Green Deal received 170M in funding) however if it should prove successful there are clear warnings now that strict and transparent guidelines should be put in place.

Community Led Energy Companies Expected To Grow

What has been welcomed has been the encouraged involvement between industry bodies within the UK to get involved with the scheme from recommendations to actively getting involved with the proposed scheme to develop it and outline clear ways in which community led companies can grow. The message from such involved bodies like REA and The STA (Solar Trade Association) is they believe there involvement will help to increase uptake and ownership in the Community Energy Scheme.

solar trade association

What Would A Solar Led Community Energy Scheme Actually Include?

This is a concern of some of the bodies involved as they believe clarification is needed to disclose whether institutions such as schools, social housing and other public buildings such as hospitals and schools will also be included within the realm of community. This will be an interesting issue give the climate change Minister recent proposal of greater utilization of public building thus whether he would want to include them separately or in conjunction with this scheme is to be seen.

A Good Beginning To The Next Phase In Renewable Targets

This is the general consensus from REA and other organizations involved within the scheme, given the recent concerns around the commercial side of the industry. It is now hoped that this could be the start of continued government investment into a burgeoning urban solar farm market.

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Will The Backing For Community Energy Funded Solar Be Sustained
What does the future hold for community energy funding.

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Solar funding, renewable energy funding
Will there be more or less community funding for renewable energy in the future.

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January 29, 2014
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