Why The UN States The Mass Adoption Of Solar And wind Is Needed Like Never Before

The DECC, Greenpeace, the EU are all regular analysts and commentators when it comes to renewable energy but in a long awaited research study the UN has recently released it finding and expressed the need for greater green energy be it wind, hydro, solar power adoption like never before.


A Huge Shift To Renewable Energy

On the back of the findings there have been intense discussions from global scientists and energy groups regarding the future of energy generation and proliferation globally with the UN clear that of shift to solar PV power, wind energy and green technology in general has to be swift and substantial. With the key counter argument being who is likely to pay for such sweeping measure one of the key stumbling blocks deterring any such key way forward and memorandum for change being the financing of such change.

Why Dirty Fuel has To Be Irradiated In Favor Of Solar PV, Wind And Green Sources

The basis of the report conducted by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and while they acknowledged that all of this is going to come at a cost there was no clear guidance on how this was to be achieved bar a few measures that they stated need to be in place to encourage adoption to increase. One of the main factors for this is that nations need to consider more enticing subsidy schemes which in light of the recent changes to for instance the UK’s FIT scheme which in respect of such statement s would need to return to a more enticing structure.

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How A Bridging Energy Solution Maybe key

While the IPCC claim such an option maybe accepted by many leading environmental observers they claim that the need to encourage an energy intermediary energy such as natural gas could be the solution to begin the process of switching to a greener future. While this is likely to cause a degree of disdain amongst many energy observer who say all the focus should be on adopting a completely green future the IPCC acknowledges that while in theory this would be ideal they are of the understanding that any sweeping changes should be progressive for the best chance of success.

Carbon Rates Increasing At An Alarming rate

While the UK has in recent years doubled it’s energy from renewable energy from such areas as solar panels and wind power they are still way behind targets set. While other nations many have a better green energy infrastructure it is widely acknowledged by all that renewable energy is vastly under developed in a world struggling with a carbon emission crisis.

Coal Rises in Popularity

While for many years the use of coal has been on the decline the report states that since the year 2000 coal intake has actually been increasing again which represent an alarming trend of moving backwards and undermining the efforts of many nations to switch a future powered by solar pv power, wind turbine, geothermal plants and more. As such the ICC is claiming that the adoption has to be swift and as such to pacify all involved an adoption to natural gas maybe the best makeshift answer towards the long term goal of nations supplied totally by solar PV, wind and other renewable energy infrastructures.

How Renewable development Holds The Key To Success

What is often referred to in the report is the actual development of many of todays leading renewable energy solutions with such areas as solar set for a substantial advances in the coming years with high performance and efficiency solar panels being produced and slowly but surely coming to market. There is also the large scale deployment of wind farms with many European nation gaining more and more form the sector year by year. There is also the under utilized area of hydro power and to a lesser extent geothermal energy all of which have significant long term potential. Thus the message is clear that the technology is there and available and as such it is up to the nations involved to utilize it better and if using a bridging energy source means that we can one day adopt a significantly energy source then so be it.

The UN states mass adoption of solar panels is needed
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April 15, 2014
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