Why Solar Power Funding Is Still Lacking The Social Awareness As We Approach 2015

Given all the effort the government has placed on the renewable sector and energy efficiency more than in previous years of late recent government finding do represent a surprise as to the lack of knowledge that persists regarding what is actually available to the general public. Given in the past we have discussed a similar style of lack of knowledge regarding incentives and grants surrounding such technology as solar thermal funding but solar panels had been perceived to receive no such type of lack of funding awareness.

Recent renewable survey

What problem Could Lack Of Solar Funding Create?

This lack of solar funding awareness does represent a significant blow to the government given that they have continuing important objectives to meet for the EU 2020 agreement and as such any lack of understanding further hampers UK solar utilization and in turn increasing renewable power generation. While the 2030 objectives have been altered it is the 2020 measures that the government is fully committed to now meeting in the short term. As such this has been what a large degree of recent government renewable focus and funding has been geared towards.

Has The Government Not Promoted The Solar Funding Initiatives?

Lack of funding over recent years from the government has not been a problem as the government while having numerous options and changes to incentives and packages has always provided a form of subsidy to UK residents who are looking to improve their homes efficiency. Such the DECC, Energy Secretary and Renewable Secretary are like to find the results of the recent report rather damaging to their recent efforts. While there has been success around the GDHIF scheme and also boiler grants it appears that solar funding has been one of the casualties of such good promotional for these types of home energy efficiency schemes. The constant changing of the F.I.T. scheme has continually been an issue between government and solar companies alike and as such has been the subject of contentious debate regarding the loss of business. However the government has also been badly effected by the poor performance of the Green Deal as this as badly lacked the ability to entice UK residents to invest in solar.

What Recent Solar Findings Have Also Found

However it is not only solar funding that has been stated in the commissioned survey as a recent for lack of investment but also the lack of ability to provide sound financial investment plans and packages for the installation of solar panels. As such the cost of installing solar still remains one of the biggest concern for UK residents survey. This is one area which is expected to see the turn of the tides increasingly more in the coming years as solar panel installations have continually decreased in price due to the competitiveness of manufacturers and suppliers alike. However on the other hand recent studies have shown that being part of a solar co-operative remains a big draw for consumers with more than 40% – 60% depending which recent study your read being open to the idea if they would provide the potential to significantly decrease energy bills. Much like the Green Deal there still persist a problem regarding how the subsidy actually work with many who were survey stating they didn’t understand how the F.I.T. scheme worked and/or could provide a good long term investment to their property should they have solar panels installed.

Recent renewable survey

What Does The Future Hold For Solar Funding And Investment

Given some of the findings pointing to the vast majority of those involved in the study were concerned about continuing rises in energy prices and also that only a very small proportion were actually concerned to the point of not having a PV system installed based on the look of the products this does represent encouraging reading. As such it clear to see that the government does have a bigger role to play and given the finding surrounding solar co-operatives there is a genuine appetite from UK residents to invest with solar PV. As such given the recent declaration within the budget by the chancellor that energy was a main concern of the government but at the same time there is likely to be a lack of funding available what we are likely to see is far more big business integration into public solar projects for a subsequent subsidies offered by the government. However this isn’t likely to be a give away as the government as continually stated they are happy for big business investment but as long as it is done at a competitive rate. While throughout the report their could be considered many points as to which for the government, solar manufacturers and suppliers to feel negative about the main overriding positive is that there persists a large scale desire ( in this report at least) by UK residents to invest in solar power.

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December 8, 2014
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