What Will The Scottish English Discussions Mean For Renewable Energy

With the news emerging over the weekend that Mr Salmond and Mr Cameron are to meet to discuss the north sea oil reserves and energy production between the two countries it clear to see how important the topic. Especially given so far that Mr Cameron has refused to get into a debate regarding independence in a public head to head with Mr Salmond. One key question that will also need to be addressed is the role of wind and solar power Scotland projects between the two countries given the vested interested both have at stake in various ongoing initiatives.

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What Will Serve Then The Oil And Renewable Industries Best

While essentially the main focus will be on oil it’s safe to say that the role of renewable energy partnerships will also be discussed. With regards to oil it’s clear that Westminster wants the industry to remain in the UK where as the independence would serve the industry better in the eyes of Mr Salmond.

Is The Oil And Renewable Sector Stronger Under The UK

With both men set to put forward their case with the significance of the meeting being that it is occurring in Aberdeen. This is an extremely rare move for the full UK cabinet to convene in Scotland is this a sign of desperation or a move by Westminster to show an ability to work harder their neighbors.

Energy Employment Is Of Key Importance To The Negotiations

With more than over 45,000 employees in the oil sector alone and many more thousands in the wind and solar pv market it’s of clear importance to both sides to secure the taxation over the industry. Furthermore due to the continued growth of the renewable sector within Scotland with wind and solar power projects this is an emerging market that Westminster has heavily backed and would also want to see remain within the UK.

Will The Future Involve Of An Independent Regulator Be Good Thing

Outlined in a recent report as a must to maximize the full potential of the remaining north sea resources it already has the backing of Mr Salmond with Westminster’s position on such moves as yet unclear. With the view to a regulator to make sure that the best decisions are made for the long term prosperity of the North Sea resources it does appear to be a good decision to take.

Could There Also Be Room For A Wind And Solar Power Regulator

The outlined proposals of an independent regulator do make for an unbiased approach to the oil industry thus it would only be natural to take the position that such an act could also be very beneficial to the wind and solar panel sectors north of the border. Given the complexity of independence or continuing within the UK a regulator could determine the best way forward under either scenario.

Tough Renewable Energy Decisions Ahead

We recently discussed how England is reliant on Scottish power stations in surges of energy thus again a regulator could help to take an unbiased approach should the country become independent. It’s very evident that there are very sophisticated underlying energy issues that would need resolving in either a yes or no vote scenario.

Scottish solar pv farm

Will Mr Cameron’s Investment Plans Be Acknowledged

With some in the Scottish yes campaign stating the UK management of the resources had been abysmal Mr Cameron has countered this by stating the UK has and always will be a leader in energy proliferation and technology advance. With further investment plans set to be unveiled regarding the North Sea resources it clear that one of the driving factors in staying united at Westminster is the key energy resources oil and renewable energy that Westminster currently regulate.

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What Will The Scottish English Discussions Mean For Renewable Energy
Will the Scottish and English renewable energy agreement for the future prove to be the best option for the UK economy.

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The best way forward for the English and Scottish renewable sectors

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February 25, 2014
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