What exactly are Solar Panels?

We hear stories in the news about having to reduce our carbon foot print and emitting greenhouse gasses and what we can be doing to help the environment. Switching to solar energy is one of those ideas that sounds simple enough and will according to the government and research; help the environment in a big way. So before we make the investment there’s the simple questions that need answering.

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What are solar panels and how do solar panels work? Photovoltaic cells are arranged in a grid like pattern on the surface of solar panels; these cells collect sunlight during the daylight hours and convert it into electricity. The earth receives more solar energy in one hour than the world uses in one year and advancements in technology have enabled us to capture this energy and convert it into a renewable energy source to use in the home. Solar power is the physical conversion of sunlight into electricity however with our solar PV panels you don’t need direct sunlight as our system works in day light.

We think you should be educated with our products before you invest so if you have any more questions then please try our FAQ’s and our Solar King UK reviews pages that hopefully our already satisfied customers can answer for you. Try the buzz word for yourself and see what solar panels can do for you and what you can do for the environment.

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