We Told you Solar Power was Cool

The department of electrical engineering, PolyU have collaborated with Green Power Industrial and developed a car air conditioning system that runs off the power of solar energy.

With the use of a solar photovoltaic panel daylight charges the battery which generates the air conditioning system. The solar panel is made from a flexible material making it the perfect moldable shape to be easily fitted to car roofs.

Vehicles usually use the engine to power the air conditioning however with this solar powered version there is no need for this. The system can power the air con even when the engine is off which of course reduces fuel consumption and therefore reduces the amount of harmful fumes released into the environment.

Many people leave the engine running when they‘re stationary simply to enjoy the luxury of air con, however you’re not moving but still using gas, therefore wasting money and we all know that fuel isn’t cheap these days.

The invention has received two awards from the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva this year and developers expect the system to head for mass distribution in future.

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