Using Solar Thermal Panels to Heat a Swimming Pool

In wealthier countries with hotter climates (like Australia), home swimming pools are commonplace. With Australia being famous for its scorching weather and blistering sun, solar energy that, as a renewable energy source, can be harnessed as solar thermal for swimming pools. For those lucky ‘few’ with private pools in the UK, solar thermal can be really useful to heat their swimming pools – potentially, solar thermal can also be used to heat public swimming pools.

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Our Solar Thermal heating system is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy and works in a similar fashion to Solar PV Panels using daylight energy to heat fluid panels. This can then be used to supply heat to your home’s hot water system or as you’re getting ready for summer, can supply heat to your swimming pool. Heating a swimming pool with solar power in Britain may seem absurd yet here at Solar King UK our thermal system is designed to heat water not just in direct sunlight but by daylight so will work even on a cloudy day. In summer our solar thermal systems can provide up to 90% of your hot water heating and can even supply up to 60% throughout the year.

Here at Solar King UK we ensure maximum performance by designing each system to meet your specific requirements so call us today to help get your swimming pool ready for the summer.

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