Ugly Solar Installations?

Home Solar InstallationIf you have made the decision to invest in solar power but you are worried by some unsightly monstrosity adorning your building then let me clear up this misconception. Technological advancements have enabled our designers and engineers to design a system that works with your property in a presentable manner. Gone are the days when something resembling a NASA dropout is attached to your roof, as now our designs are sleek and can even add value to your property. Our grid connected systems start from around 1kW which occupies around 8.2 square metres on your roof.

Why invest in solar panels?

Well, the Earth receives enough solar energy to provide electricity consumption for 5.9 billion people for 27 years and technological advancements have now enabled us to harness this energy for use with your own homes. Solar PV panels have no moving parts and produce no emissions providing you with clean, green renewable energy. Our systems are designed with an unparalleled level of reliability and operate without any noise so you don’t have to worry about any disruptions after installation. We also offer a care and maintenance package where we can offer annual, bi-annual or even monthly visits to ensure your system is working as efficiently as it should.

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