The Vast Amounts That Scottish Renewable Projects Have Saved

A recent UK Energy report has shown that Scottish renewable projects are saving the country substantial amounts of energy due to their continued renewable energy drive. While this may come as no surprise to the country itself the rest of Europe and the world was left in no doubts when recent figures were released at a recent energy summit.

How Much Energy Is Scotland Saving Annually

Recent data gathers within the country have monitored to approx one million tones of CO2 saving monthly and this figure was reiterated as the figure now and this is set to increase yet further given the amount of projects that are currently under construction. With close to a 15% rise in the reported CO2 savings in the last 2 years and with this set to grow many are looking to the model being set by Scotland of what is achievable if you focus on renewable investment.

How Will Scotland Continue To Increase Energy Savings

Given the large amount of wind generations facilities that operate within the country the government would be the first to acknowledge that they need to diversify there renewable projects further such is the reason why solar panels Scotland projects in recent years have been growing year on year. However they will still have a certain degree of distance to cover in order to meet the energy outputs provided by wind energy which at present accounts for 40% of the renewable energy provided by the whole of the UK.

The Growth Of Scottish Renewable

Such is the growth of renewable energy it is now the country’s number one source of energy. Granted their are far less people that live in Scotland compared to England with an approx population of 6 million however this continued investment does show that it is possible to systematically change the way a nation meets it’s energy demands if they have a clear goal and follow it through with investment. As such the Scottish government can’t be held to account for failing to deliver on it’s promises as it has met it’s pledges and continues to look to invest further.

Will Further Renewable Measures Is Scotland Be Stopped Due To Falling Oil prices

While continuing to increase the Scottish solar panels projects throughout the country they are also investing heavily across the western Isles of the nation with large scale wind projects planned for the coming years. However it’s true that the recent continuing falling cost of oil could severely hamper any additional short term projects. While at present there has been no announcements by governments or investors alike to state any pause in future projects there is however an cautionary air that is likely to spread should continued low and falling oil prices persist. The good news for the nation is that they actually have stability due to there current infrastructure in place plus the safety provided as being part of the UK. The same can not be said for countries like Russia who are out on their own.

Interesting Times Ahead For the Renewable Industry

Given such statements as above it clear that the solar PV and wind generation projects are pivotal to the countries goals and also to employment rates within the country. With the industry continuing to grow plus the sector now employing thousands of skilled workers and having invested millions in the future training programs of the sector it clear to see that it is integral to the economy of the nation. Thus safeguarding and growing the sector is important to any serving government and as such the recent loss in revenue will be a concern going forward not just for further generation but for the employment levels within the sector.

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The Vast Amounts That Scottish Renewable Projects Have Saved
How Scotland continue to increase their energy savings
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December 15, 2014
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