The Sky’s the Limit for Solar Power!

As solar technology improves, costs are getting more competitive leading to what many are calling a golden age for solar power. And taking this concept to the extreme is a team of engineers who are hoping to build the first plane to fly around the world powered solely by solar energy.

We’ve already told you about the solar powered yacht on its way to completing the challenge, however flying is altogether a little trickier. But by 2014 the team called Solar Impulse wants to build a plane that can take on this challenge during both the day and the night.

The amount of energy the team will need to keep their plane off the ground will be about the same amount of power needed for the lift off of the Wright Brother’s original flyer back in 1903. So we’re not talking Concorde scale but never the less if the team are successful this is one huge step forward for solar power. Just think how much CO2 we could save if we could one day power our commercial and cargo flights with the power of the sun?!

So if you want to witness the efficiency of solar power for yourself get in touch with Solarking UK today and see how your property can benefit from this renewable energy source.

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