The Self Funding Solar Co-op’s Continue To Grow

While many local communities have taken up the option to be involved in a solar farm project none have shown as much determination as Wedmore in Sommerset. This is because the town has contributed over £800,000 to the project themselves. What more impressive is the timescale that they completed this in. Over 150 villager paid more than £250 for the green project to get underway within just six weeks of planning approval.

The new one mega-watt plant will provide substantial benefits to the area with profits being invested back into local projects across the 27 years generation plan. The numbers for the project will be very beneficial to local residents also with the solar farm able to generate energy to the equivalent of 300 separate installations.

One of the key areas to focus on for Wedmore was that of the legacy to the local environment that the solar project would be able to provide. This again is yet another substantial figure with the project set save close to 450 tonnes in Carbon dioxide emissions that community would have likely burned.

With the benefits of solar continuing to be reported in the light of continued energy price rises it is no surprise that more and more people are looking into what green energy could offer them. Likewise is the trend of self funded or sponsored solar Co-op’s with the collaboration of third party energy companies. The trend is set to continue with towns such as Puxton, Hewish and Bleadon to name a few all soon set to learn if they also have the green light to commence similar type of solar panel schemes.

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January 12, 2014
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