The Light Will Be kept On Declares Cameron

Coming from statements from the national energy grid and recent studies of the UK’s energy infrastructure on how the recent closure of various coal facilities and also the impending closure of nuclear facilities within the UK could leave the country perilously close if not at the mercy of future blackouts. On questioning on such concern and criticisms the PM came out fighting stating “I have sought assurances from from leading stakeholders involved and asked if there are precautions that needed to be made to be notified and they would be installed to ensure this doesn’t occur”.

The Pm further reiterated his stance that there is no chance of this occurring even if it meant bringing previously decommissioned power stations back into action to make sure there will be no blackout shortages across the UK. Further to this he added ” following from previous discussions with energy leaders the Energy Act is now in place”.
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Not surprisingly the government has come in for criticism for the course of action firstly on the basis that they could be returning into action facilities that have previously been deemed no more satisfactory or had come to the end of their life. But secondly on the basis that they had reduced investment into to sustainable projects and technology. As expected the government refuted this claim stating that they had supported the green sector to the tune of over 30 billion since 2009.
However one area they couldn’t defend is the actions there constant changing of green energy incentives and subsidies has had on the market. The results of such changes to the FIT (Feed In Tariff) in the solar panels market has seen many SME’s have to leave the market due to many knock on effect this has created from unclear transparency to altering price fluctuations. Such instances have only looked to destabilize the market when now more than ever in light of recent claims the sector should be receiving more help than ever before.

Now more than ever energy councils and groups are stressing the importance of investment in green energy be that solar pv, wind and to a lesser extent LED Lighting to stave off any potential drastic price hikes that a hard Winters could provide. Due to the current UK import levels of natural resources this is a position the UK government would be desperate to avoid.

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The Light Will Be kept On Declares Cameron
Is the UK to be in danger of a lack of energy to meet demand

SolarKing UK
Lack of energy, greater renewable energy needs
Will the UK fail to meet energy demands in the coming years.

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January 16, 2014
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