The best method to heat your water

At Solar King we offer the benefits of using solar energy and this includes choosing a solar heating system, by far one of the most sustainable methods of heating your water.

Clean technology is our passion and it’s also our passion to share our knowledge surrounding the clean tech industry. At the centre of this industry is renewable energy and of course solar panels. But another one of our products that is reinventing the way in which we receive hot water in the home comes courtesy of a solar water heating system from Solar King.

Let’s get one thing straight, just because it’s called solar energy, doesn’t necessarily mean that the sun is needed. You might be surprised to hear that actually, our quality solar panels and solar thermal heating systems are designed to work in daylight as well as sunlight. The advantage of this, it means that we don’t have to rely on the great British weather before you can reap the benefits of lower electricity bills, a reduced carbon footprint and a more sustainable household.

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