South West Sets The Standards For UK Renewable Generation

The South West looks to buck the trend for renewable statistics within the UK due to some of the latest figures. Based on year by year figures the recently released stats have shown a dramatic rise by close to a 50% increase in green energy generation. The huge increase is largely down to an increase in the amount of wind farms which have been commissioned in the last 12 months in the region. Due to this 1 GW unit (gigawatt) of renewable energy is now being produced

But has has been expected the backlash that has come from these released figures has yet again stoked the fires of the pro versus against campaigns for wind farms within the UK. With leading figures from opposition groups stating now more than ever stricter guidelines for projects such as solar panels Cornwall and wind farm projects within the same area are having to stick to even stricter natural beauty guidelines.

This is in stark contrast to ministers and such groups as REA who have been championing more and more benefits such renewable farms can bring to the UK economy both from their yield and also the benefit that can come from meeting our 2020 directives. Furthermore there has been a general consensus from pro green ministers that the emergence of so called solar co-op’s which have become more frequent of late, which represents a partnership between energy companies and local residents in a profit sharing schemes.

However local ministers apposed to these renewable farms voiced their concern on impacts to the local food chain due to the agricultural land that is being swallowed up by such projects and the continued effect this could have on future crop yields.

**Statistics and figures based on Regen southwest

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South West Sets The Standards For UK Renewable Generation
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July 9, 2013
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