Solar Panels combating more than climate change

Teaching our future generations about climate change does a lot more than give them a lesson in solar panels, as it teaches them about the changes they can make. I for one wished this was something that would have been taught in my school rather than the boiling temperature of water. To think if we had started to invest in solar panels for schools 10 years ago, where would we be today? Schools are now being targeted as the perfect location to not only have solar panels installed but as a teaching tool for the pupils.

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Fox School in Notting Hill, London had an impressive array of photovoltaic panels fitted to the roof of the 1930’s school building. As well as cutting carbon and reducing bills, the solar project had helped rally the school behind environmental issues. There are many campaigns that are helping schools raise the money to have solar PV panels installed with the thinking that the impact can be reflected in the students’ future behaviour. Although we can’t know what the future impact is in teaching children in schools about solar energy, unless like I said this was started when I was back in school. The teachings will at least prepare students to begin to think about the effects and the benefits of solar power, which I for one think that the best form of offsetting climate change is knowledge.

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