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When it comes to solar power facts, a vast majority of people are left in the dark. Misconceptions and spin doctors are unfortunately common place and we at Solar King find ourselves constantly battling against misheard or misunderstood solar power information, leading to unwanted complaints.

When you hear facts about solar power from one source, it’s always best to compare said facts or get a second opinion. Here at Solar King, solar panel information is kept simple and clean so as not to imply anything or say something we don’t mean. Complaints about solar panels are often followed by misinformation, so we strive to be accurate with all details.

So what is solar energy? This is simply energy the earth receives every day from the sun. Solar panels are the tools we use in order to collect this energy and convert it to benefit your household or property.  It’s pretty straight forward when you think about it and in line with our simplistic explanation, we’d like to highlight our easy to use and easy to understand solar panels.

Whether you need them for your work building or at home, Solar King can suggest the best solution for you and explain to you the real facts about solar power whilst we do it!

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Solar King Solar Power Facts
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Solar energy facts, solar pv knowledge
What could you be missing when it comes to solar energy.

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February 13, 2012
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