Solar Education for Students

Students at a High School in Florida, Charlotte High School in Punta Gorda, are getting to grips with renewable energy as their school enjoys the benefits of a solar electric and solar thermal system which was installed in their school.
However this solar project has taken efficiency to a whole new level. Not only do the top sides of the solar panels generate electricity but the bottom side of the school’s solar panels generate electricity from reflected sunlight off surrounding surfaces. So combined with the power produced from the top side, the panels can produce up to 25% more energy per square foot.

To add to this savvy system the school also has two commercial solar thermal systems, one of which provides hot water for the school’s kitchen and gymnasium and another which supplies their sports complex.

But perhaps the best part of this alternative energy project is the fact that the systems are all monitored and used as educational tools to the students teaching the importance of preserving our environment and the responsibility we have right now to make a change.

So if like Charlotte High School you want to make a difference to our future get in touch with Solarking UK today and see how we can aid you with our commercial solar solutions.

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