Smart Grids Could Be The Future Of Local Electricity Management

The government in collaboration with other organizations including Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are looking to fund the next generation of local energy grids. The funding is set to be over £10 million pounds and is an attempt to further grow the smart energy market around sustainable electricity within the UK.

With the deadline fast approaching of march 20th for companies to register interest the government have stated clearly it is open to any company from research or technology. With the market expected to grow year on year including across other countries it’s hoped that the UK could be come a hub for the technology.

The UK is recognized for it’s current developing smart energy market and it is hoped that this project could look to take this to the next level and seize the previously mentioned growing market both at home and internationally.

With the focus being mainly emphasized around the clean energy generation and storage the fund will look to develop the infrastructure of smart grid systems around this energy supply and how communities can store this power and supply it to properties and vehicles alike.

With the grow in local energy grids expected to grow be it through the use of the largely discussed solar pv co-ops, large renewable projects and even small scale housing trust schemes this is an area the funding is setup to support and develop. As the UK continues it’s advance to a low carbon future and to meet it’s energy obligations from the EU it’s hoped such schemes can help the UK to progress further and quicker in the development of such cutting edge technologies.

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Smart Grids Could Be The Future Of Local Electricity Management
The future of energy management for your solar panel system is set to become more Smart orientated.

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January 22, 2014
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