Renewable Energy Storage Projects Get Government Backing

As we have recently discussed the government are focused on the long term advances within the solar pv, wind and general all round renewable energy storage framework. They have been looking to back innovative technology advances in the form of funding and grants for areas like energy storage and smart energy grids as this is seen as a key development area in renewable energy.

The Innovation Competition Has Been Awarded

It has now been announced that the government has awarded over £7M to two companies who are devising advances within the renewable energy storage sector. The DECC in support by the Low Carbon Innovation Coordination body are to nurture the development of two companies looking to advances the technology around energy storage. The award was established to determine which applicants have made a considerable and concerted effort to advance and put in place energy storage technology that with further development and funding could make advances to improving current infrastructures.

How Can Air Be The Renewable Storage Answer

Unlike may other considered projects which looked into the usual renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind generation and bio-mass the winning companies Viridor and Highview will focus on air in liquid form which will then be deployed to supply electricity when surges in demand arise, by testing demand continuously and the need to release stored energy the system will look to provide a clearer picture of energy needs across the UK.

What Could Improved Storage Systems Mean To The UK Economy

The key area this system will be focusing on is how the analyzing of supply and demand can be used to effectively manage demand to be able to make substantial savings to the overall utilization of energy by the national grid. With potential savings being estimated at over £3 billion over the next 30 years it’s no surprise that the climate change Minister Mr Baker was keen to stress the importance of the technology stating the need to put a better system in place with the view to achieve a low carbon economy. Both wining parties Viridor and Highview have been quick to state their intention to push ahead further with their projects now they have received the funding. With a clear goal of collaboration being key between the two companies with Highview acknowledging the key role that Viridor’s waste heat management technologies will be invaluable to the overall success of the project.

How Important is Government Backing In Renewable Energy As has been witnessed lately an unclear position by the government can lead to investor uncertainty thus this example of government support by the DECC recognizes the importance of the industry and cast doubts on claims that the government is only focusing on emerging markets like shale gas. The ability to better store underutilized energy is a key area to becoming more efficient and reach our carbon goals.

Can The Technology Transfer Over To Solar And Wind

While specifically this new storage system will focus on the heat given of from landfill and the utilization of air in a liquid form the key area to keep in mind is that one of the driving forces is heat. Thus in time to come as with most technology advances elements of it may be transferable for improved solar power storage and improved grid management from energy from solar panels.

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Renewable Energy Storage Projects Get Government Backing
The long term potential of renewable energy storage.

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The way in which solar energy storage could provide the evolution within the sector.

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February 18, 2014
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