REDT UK First To Win DECC Renewable Storage Award

REDT UK who specialize in the storage of electricity generated by wind have just been named as one of the first winner of the DECC competition of the. This is the attempts by the government to further boost renewable infrastructure to take to the next level with the emphasis being on not just cultivation but now also on the reusability of what has been generated.

This is one of the key fears for the future highlighted by the ESN (Electricity Storage Network) who have maintained that a continued lack of investment is leading to a black hole in the industry that if not solved could lead to a £100 million deficit that would have to be resolved by UK taxpayers.

This is a result of the current UK electricity storage infrastructure being acknowledged at below 50% of what is currently needed and thus the ESN states a 2GW immediate investment is what is needed to be installed in the next ten years to resolve growing levels let alone the challenges of the long term future ahead. While the DECC competition is acknowledged as a step in the right direction more development is needed to stave of future problems from the ever growing UK population.

Current energy spectators have pointed out the projects that other countries around the globe are performing to future proof their energy system from solar power energy storage in the USA to tidal energy storage in Norway and other renewable energy storage projects across Asia currently installed or due to finish in the next 12 months. It is the same kind of urgency that the UK needs to adopt but has yet has been relatively slow to act.

The current energy bill is looking to generate over £100 billion of investment to transform the electricity market and the electricity storage capabilities are one of the key areas set for reform. However the ESN while quick applaud the DECC efforts is also unhappy at the overall slow deployment of these storage project to come to fruition.

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REDT UK First To Win DECC Renewable Storage Award
Renewable energy storage now being taken more seriously.

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November 11, 2013
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