Policy Experts Give Notice On Impending Shortfalls

This is of little comfort. After among the very coldest springs on record, that the price of keeping the home warm will increase again it is stated. Put simply this spring has been one of the coldest on record, however for a lot more springs in the future this could be a similar situation.

Energy minister Ed Davey speaking about the subject

“Global gas cost hikes are squeezing homes month after month,” accepted Ed Davey, the power and Global Warming Secretary. He’s among the influential Liberal Dems within the Coalition.

“They’re (gas rises) beyond any government’s control and, by all serious forecasts, will probably continue rising.”

So what is the answer? Ed Davey claims our domestic fuel bills happen to be typically £64 less due to a raft of government and global warming measures already introduced. Think solar power panels, wind farms and the government’s so-known as “Green Deal” then he expressed the commitment of this country to attacking the problem.

Angela Knight Chief Executive of United kingdom Energy

She questions the government’s decision to close UK coal-fired power stations when renewable energy – especially wind power and solar panels– have yet to plug the energy gap.
Ed Davey Mr Davey says gas prices are beyond the control of the government

“If we are shutting down so many and haven’t got a timetable to rebuild, we are heading for a very difficult pinch point,” she stated “That’s why I want the Cameron government to focus on this problem. We can’t shut down without opening up. If the lights go out, that would be a complete disaster for the UK and the struggling economy.”

“Are energy prices going up and will they going to continue to go up? Yes. Why? Because we are dependent on the world price of gas, which is increasing, and we are shutting down our coal-fired power stations,” she added. Coal produces 40% of our electricity and it’s cheap.”

Those statement will be welcomed by the country’s coal industry and by the operators of the UK’s coal-fired generators.

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Policy Experts Give Notice On Impending Shortfalls
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April 3, 2013
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