No Petrol Power Needed Only Solar Power!

Electric tricycles which were invented in the Philippines and are being utilised in the likes of Quezon City, Bacolod City and San Carlos City in Negros Occidental are set to be the future of transportation for this area. Not only are these nifty tricycles which are similar to that of a Thai ‘Tuk-Tuk’ cost-efficient but they’re also protective of the environment.

Developed by Makati City-based Technostrat Corporation, the tricycles which can seat up to six people use solar panels to collect heat and support generate electricity to make the engines run.

Haresco a co-inventor of the tricycle said the e-tricycle is the proper response to climate change since the mode of transport is basically carbon emission free and operates almost silently too.

The solar panels on the roof of the tricycle are used to charge the batteries to increase the operating range of the tricycle with the e-tricycle battery running getting 10 per cent of its power from the sun.

Inventors claim that the income of an e-tricycle driver could be tripled on a monthly basis thanks to the help of solar power.

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