New Solar Panels Record Set For PV Generation

The improvement to solar pv panels seem to have taken yet another step forward with the fantastic new that a new solar panels design has recently recording a new record breaking efficiency level of over 42%.

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How Much Can Next Generation Panels Output

At present we have consistently been highlighting the developments and advances within the solar panels energy industry from solar film to the second and third generation panels. The latest development coming out of the sharp manufacturing facility is very impressive. We had recently discussed the impressive work being conducted by the ANU educational facility in Australia which through funding had seen significant advances in their developments in efficiency generation and the goals they had within the coming years to produce a solar panels close to 45% efficiency it now appears that Sharp developers are closer to such a goal.

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Efficiency rates Of 43.5%

When you consider that the previous record was under 37% this gives you an idea of the potential that the new solar panels can offer. The break through could mark a very interesting time within the solar industry with the boundaries of what is being expected both of the commercial and domestic solar PV markets being pushed further.

How Does The New Solar Technology Work

The premises revolves around adapted solar PV cells via the concentrator triple-junction compound cells which focuses cells directly into the cells via a lens operated structure. What this essentially means is solar power is slowly but surely getting closer towards conventional electricity parity. This represents a distinctive step forward within the industry and as such any future developments are surely to be closely monitored.

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What Does The new Record Represent To The Solar Power Industry

Essentially it represents the ability to increase future investment not only into potential uptake but into further development investment into the market due to the potential the new method of generation presents. While the method is sure to be closely guarded by the manufacturer the opportunity of collaborating this technology with some of the other recently discussed advances within the industry does represent a future where generation records are increased further.

When Will The New Solar Panels Enter The market

While still revolutionary the new technology is set for a further period of research and development and independent testing. But in the coming years distribution of the panels although expected at a premium are likely to be distributed in mass. At present with the industry going through an upsurge in demand the new solar power systems when introduced will likely buck the trend and be a certain degree higher price range and so it waits to be seen if people focus on the direct bottom line or are more likely to think of the long term goals of what the new solar panels can produce. Ultimately this debate will likely be a distance of which in the mean time given the current growth of the market we could witness the arrival of the solar PV cell efficiency rate of 50% being reached.

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New Solar Panels Record Set For PV Generation
Efficiency levels raised further again on solar panels

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Solar technology improvements raised again with the latest next generation enhancements.

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March 13, 2014
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