New Philips LED light bulb lasts for 25,000 hours

I’m sure like me you don’t put much thought into buying a light bulb other than, ‘is this the right bulb to fit the light fixture?’ However if presented with the idea that you can buy a light bulb that will last for 25,000 hours then I might just be interested. 25,000 hours is the equivalent of leaving your light on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 years so that’s a lot of output for not much money. At this year’s annual Light Fair held in Las Vegas, Philips unveiled their equivalent of the 100W light bulb, the AmbientLED 23W.
The next question you need to ask yourself is would you pay $40 (around £25) for a light bulb? Answer is probably not but if that light bulb was to last as it is advertised for 25,000 hours then of course. Phillips is at the forefront of the lighting world and by using LED technology they are providing an energy efficient and effective alternative. LED light bulbs are the way forward and revealed in a 2011 study by the UK’s Energy Saving Trust, the technology can deliver huge energy savings and reduction in costs.
In 2010 an estimated 971 million 60W light bulbs were installed across America and if everyone had switched to the more efficient LED lights they would have saved $3.9 billion in electricity a year. Hopefully these Philips LED light bulbs will finally nudge out the beloved, and somewhat wasteful, incandescent light bulb once and for all.

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