Ministers Pledge Their Support To The Renewable Industry

Although recently the government has come in for criticism with their lack of clarification on their long term stance towards renewable energy, a recent survey has found that over 60% MP’s believe in the renewable energy industry and that the UK government should continue with it’s long term support for the industry. The study* also hit on the key significance that the employment benefits of sustaining the industry is highly beneficial to the UK economy with close to 70% recognizing the sector importance to jobs market.

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Will Support Lead To Renewable Energy Guidelines

While acknowledgement is one thing clear guidelines is what suppliers, installers and investors are calling for from the government. With continually frequent news of thermal, wind and solar PV projects being postponed or loosing interest due to the governments lack of clarity. We have reported in increasing amounts at the effects that the recent changes to EU targets and none committal from the government is having on the sector with many small to medium size renewable energy firms feeling the pressure and large scale corporation looking to restructure their UK operations.

Will Mr Cameron Listen To His Minister And Back Renewable targets

While their remains conjecture within the UK government in relation to renewable targets with recent claims from energy minister Ed Davey stating that they will not support the measures as they represent an unfair advantage to nations that have not invested as heavily as other nations. Thus they are calling for independent targets which could better reflect the large scale investment that companies have place into renewable energy.

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REA Welcomes The Reports Finding

While acknowledging that any government faces issues when dealing with EU rulings let alone when they are part of a coalition, REA has backed calls for the government to accept EU targets so that all within the industry including investor can have a degree of stability to operate within.

Employment Within The Renewable Sector Could increase By Over 250%

This claim is based on the figures and analysis conducted by REA who at present put UK employment within the UK at over 100,000 but with consistent investment and government support could be closer to 350,000 by 2020. Now while these are broad claims the fact is that the renewable sector has witnessed steady growth and the current period of inconsistency from the government has already led to some uncertainty thus the message is clear by supporting the industry it’s growth potential is vast within a short period of time.

Has Public Confidence Been Effected By Lack Of Government Clarity

The public perception for renewable energy over recent year has seen a consistent marked improvement and the DECC’s tracking of the sector based on public opinion is now close to 80% in support of the technology for energy generation. With opposition rates at less than 5% it clear to see that renewable have the potential to create a huge power shift over the coming years, but allot doe remain on government support.

Can Independent Renewable Investment Bridge The Government Gap

With the growing investment from the private sector consistently growing since the FIT cuts of 2011/12 it appears that despite the uncertainty with which has been created by the government that we are daily hearing of companies putting plans forward for projects. However any changes to incentives and paybacks could see drastic effects to the industry similar to how the domestic market suffered from the changes in 2011/12. While large investment could bridge a certain degree that would be left by future under investment from the government into solar PV, wind and other renewable projects what they wouldn’t be able to do is make the projects viable without continued government incentives. Thus the actual value of this report and the positive feeling towards the industry by ministers for renewable energy will likely be clarified further at the forth coming meeting by leaders in Brussels where the UK position will indubitably be made clear.

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*Dods Renewable Energy Dialogue

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Ministers Pledge Their Support To The Renewable Industry
Will MP’s follow through on the need to invest more in the renewable energy sector

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The government acknowledges the need for greater green energy investment

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March 7, 2014
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