Life with solar: powering an entire house with solar panels

We’re all looking at ways to save money by cutting back a bit and making wise investments and it seems some are going that little bit further by powering an entire house with solar panels. What was once a thought of the future; technological advancements have made this possible today. The simplest switch is to solar panelsfor your homes electricity needs. Home solar panels are fitted to your roof, capture the suns energy and feed this into your homes electricity supply replacing the electricity you would buy from a supplier. Our home solar panels have no moving parts, produce no emissions and make no noise so you are free to enjoy clean, green renewable energy.

The next step, and just as easy as solar panels for electricity, is to invest in a solar thermal heating system. Working in a similar way to the solar panels for electricity, solar thermal panels use daylight energy to heat fluid in the panels on your roof to supply your home with its hot water needs. Our domestic solar panel installation means you can live from your home without the need of external providers. Our systems work in direct light not solely on sun light so you can enjoy the benefits of living off solar energy even on a cloudy day. There’s never been a better time to invest in solar energy so if you’re ready to live off the grid then give Solar King a call today and we’ll get you started using a renewable energy source you can count on.

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