Large Scale Solar Projects

Large Scale Solar PanelsIt’s not just homes, toys and gadgets that are benefiting from solar power, as many researchers are now starting to harness the energy into large scale solar projects. California is home to many of these projects as they are required to have solar energy as a main source of renewable energy and use renewable energy to produce at least 33% of their power by 2020. The Federal Bureau of Land Management has received requests that would accommodate more than 300,000 acres for the development of around 34 large solar thermal power plants.

One of the projects proposals is the Beacon solar energy project which is proposing to construct, own and operate a solar electric generating facility. The design is for solar thermal to provide 100 % of the power generated by the plant. Here at Solar King UK we support large scale solar developments that look to provide renewable energy solutions for businesses. One of our solar projects is solar farming with over 20,000 solar PV panels providing significant electricity generation for uses in warehouses and production plants.

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The key challenges for large scale solar projects are securing finance which is where Solar King UK can help. As well as providing assistance with finance we can also manage the entire process including obtaining planning permission, designing the layout for your solar arrays to testing and commissioning of your system to ensure maximum operational performance.

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